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Public deliverables

D1.1 ESFR metallic fuel study: fuel and core designs

D1.2 ESFR metallic fuel study: safety approach

D1.3 ESFR system optimization study – COMING SEPTEMBER 2026

D1.4 ESFR metallic fuel study: performance and safety analysis – COMING SEPTEMBER 2026

D2.1 Neural network specification and test condition specification – COMING SEPTEMBER 2024

D2.2 Use of AI and data fusion from multiple sensors for bubble detection with a maintenance predictive vision – COMING SEPTEMBER 2026

D2.3 Use of AI for bubble classification improvement – COMING MARCH 2026

D6.1 TESP design and production – COMING SEPTEMBER 2024

D6.2 Report on design specifications and experimental qualification of advanced TESP – COMING SEPTEMBER 2026

D6.3 Evaluation results of core catcher innovation measures

D6.4 Ablation characteristics of core catcher by jet impingement and long-term core melt and numerical validations of improved concepts – COMING SEPTEMBER 2026

D7.1 Report on CIBD and ROFEX experiments for gas bubbles in sodium – COMING SEPTEMBER 2024

D7.2 Report on the comparative bubble measurements at the MECANA facility – COMING SEPTEMBER 2026

D7.3 Report on bubble detection system with secondary loop and SGU innovative design – COMING SEPTEMBER 2026

D7.4 Report on sodium boiling experiments – COMING MARCH 2026

D8.1 Results of the benchmark on nominal and transient conditions: effect of the design – COMING APRIL 2025

D8.2 Characteristics and properties measurements on MOX samples – COMING SEPTEMBER 2026

D8.3 Calculations on MOX properties and comparison with experimental results – COMING SEPTEMBER 2026

D9.1 Open-source SFR simulator – COMING SEPTEMBER 2026

D9.2 Compilation of computational benchmarks – COMING SEPTEMBER 2025

D9.3 Proceedings of workshops and summer school – COMING SEPTEMBER 2026

D9.4 Compilation of MS and PhD theses – COMING SEPTEMBER 2026

D9.5 Communication strategy and website

D9.7 Report on social aspects of ESFR – COMING SEPTEMBER 2026