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2023 International Congress on Advances in Nuclear Power Plants in conjunction with 38th Korea Atomic Power Annual Conference (ICAPP 2023 / 38th KAP Conference)

Nuclear energy is rising again as a key for carbon neutrality and energy security. We are very happy to host ICAPP 2023 / 38th KAP Conference in Korea and invite you to this important conference. Since 2002, the ICAPP series has provided a valuable opportunity to share new technologies, information and experience in nuclear power and to discuss important issues among industry, research, academic leaders and experts around the world. ICAPP 2023 / 38th KAP Conference will also provide the most precious fora for active discussion on various aspects of nuclear reactor development and applications. In particular, we will focus on SMRs, which have recently attracted global attention, and discuss diversifying applications of nuclear technology for more effective contribution to carbon neutrality and energy security. An international exhibition of nuclear industry will also be held in parallel. 

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