2-7 April 2023

ICMF 2023 | Kobe, Japan

The 1st ICMF was held in Tsukuba, Japan in 1991 and then the 2nd was again in Japan, Kyoto in 1995. Since then, ICMF has been governed by the ICMF Governing Board, and has been held every three years in the three geographical regions in the order of Europe, America and Asia-Oceania. ICMF has been playing a very important role in multiphase flow R & D communities as the world’s largest conference on multiphase flow. ICMF will provide you with state-of-the-art knowledge on all the aspects of multiphase flow, a good chance of deepening a friendship and research collaboration, and new beginnings as well!


23-27 April 2023

ICAPP 2023 | Gyeongju, Korea

Since 2002, the ICAPP series has provided a valuable opportunity to share new technologies, information and experience in nuclear power and to discuss important issues among industry, research, academic leaders and experts around the world. ICAPP 2023 / 38th KAP Conference will also provide the most precious fora for active discussion on various aspects of nuclear reactor development and applications. In particular, we will focus on SMRs, which have recently attracted global attention, and discuss diversifying applications of nuclear technology for more effective contribution to carbon neutrality and energy security. An international exhibition of nuclear industry will also be held in parallel. 


21-26 May 2023

ICONE 30 | Kyoto, Japan

The 30th International Conference on Nuclear Engineering will be held in Kyoto, Japan on May 21-26, 2023. This conference is a global event for professionals who want to stay current on new technology and industry trends and developments in nuclear technology. ASME’s Nuclear Engineering division, the Japanese Society of Mechanical Engineers (JSME), and the Chinese Nuclear Society (CNS) will host the conference.


13-17 August 2023

M&C 2023 | Niagara Falls, Canada

The International Conference on Mathematics and Computational Methods Applied to Nuclear Science and Engineering (M&C 2023) is part of a series of topical meetings organized by the Mathematics and Computation Division of the American Nuclear Society. M&C conferences, held every two years, represent a series of international forums organized and sponsored to bring together worldwide expertise related to nuclear science or technology including mathematical and computational methods, numerical analysis, computer codes, computer architectures, and benchmarks for computationally solving problems in all disciplines encompassed by the Society.


14-18 August 2023

IHTC17 | Cape Town, South Africa

The International Heat Transfer Conference (IHTC), nicknamed the “Heat Transfer Olympics,” is the world’s premier conference for scientists and engineers in the heat and mass transfer research community, who convene every four years to exchange the latest information. Previous conferences have greatly enhanced mutual exchanges of knowledge and experience, and nurtured new and/or interdisciplinary research areas.


20-25 August 2023

NURETH-20| Washington DC, USA

NURETH is the premier gathering for experts in nuclear reactor thermal hydraulics and related topical areas. This meeting is held every two years. The Washington DC ANS Section is pleased to host NURETH-20 in Washington, DC, USA. Washington, DC is more than the capital of the USA– it is the center of both support and regulation of the nuclear industry. Washington DC is not only a center of government but also a tremendous visitor center with cultural attractions for all.


5-10 September 2023

NUTHOS-13| Hsinchu, Taiwan

Curbing global warming to avoid climate crisis has become a major challenge for mankind today. Nuclear power with its low carbon nature should and will play a significant role in realizing a carbon-neutral world in 2050. Operating the current nuclear fleet safely and economically, green decommissioning of aging nuclear power stations as well as creating innovative designs of the next generation reactors, especially the small modular reactors, will be the focus points for our discussions. These constitute the main theme of “Sustainable Development of Nuclear Power” for NUTHOS-13 to be held in September 5-10, 2022 at Hsinchu, Taiwan.